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Hello, my name is Rodney Turner. Welcome to my website about allergies and asthma. As a kid, I could not go through the spring months without suffering from back to back asthma attacks. The asthma attacks usually started when my pollen allergies flared up. As doctors linked these two conditions, I was given medication to better control my attacks and improve my health. On this site, I will explore the link between allergies and asthma, plus talk about the treatments available for both of these conditions. Please feel free to visit my site daily to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to overcome allergies and asthma. Thanks.


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How General Surgeons Help With Appendicitis

The appendix is an organ that many don't think about much until they experience intense abdominal pain. Unfortunately, this organ tends to get infected and even burst, triggering many pain and potential health issues in the process. Thankfully, a general surgeon can people like you avoid this issue and keep them healthy.

Appendicitis Is Often Unexpected

Appendicitis is a disease that often develops unexpectedly because it has so few symptoms before it becomes excruciating. Unfortunately, this condition can cause a large amount of pain that may refuse to go away. And in severe cases, many types of appendicitis can even be dangerous to a person's health, such as if the appendix bursts and spreads hazardous substances throughout the body.

While some common causes of this problem may cause this issue—such as an infection inside the appendix—some people may be prone to it due to genetic predisposition. As a result, those in this situation may want to speak to a trusted general surgeon to learn more. These professionals can ensure that an individual doesn't suffer from severe symptoms that worsen their overall health.

The Goals of a General Surgeon

General surgeons are professionals trained to handle a diverse array of generalized health issues. They can operate on just about any part of the body and provide relief. For example, they can assess a person's abdominal pain using diagnostic tools like x-rays and blood tests. Once they get the results – and finish examining a person's medical history—they can decide on a surgical plan.

Often, those who are developing appendicitis may recover after taking a simple antibiotic prescribed by the surgeon. However, they may also have to get their appendix removed. This result is typically the case if the appendix has burst, is about to burst, or when the infection has become too widespread to handle without surgery. A typical appendicitis surgery should take no more than a few hours.

When it is over, the patient will need to spend a week or two recovering before returning to work. Their general surgeon can prescribe them pain medications to ensure that they don't suffer. A few checkups may also be necessary to not only spot symptoms of potential infections in the surgery area but to remove the stitches from the skin and help a person get back to their day-to-day life, including work and taking care of their family.

For more information, contact local general surgeons.