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Hello, my name is Rodney Turner. Welcome to my website about allergies and asthma. As a kid, I could not go through the spring months without suffering from back to back asthma attacks. The asthma attacks usually started when my pollen allergies flared up. As doctors linked these two conditions, I was given medication to better control my attacks and improve my health. On this site, I will explore the link between allergies and asthma, plus talk about the treatments available for both of these conditions. Please feel free to visit my site daily to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to overcome allergies and asthma. Thanks.



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Common Anal Issues

If you have an issue with your anus, rectum, or colon, then you may be hearing about the possibility of colorectal surgery from your physician, specialist, or surgeon. If so, then the first thing on your mind may be to learn more specifics about colorectal surgery and what this can mean for you. This field is referred to as proctology and the specialists in this field are called proctologists and the surgeons are referred to as the colorectal surgeons. You can learn about proctology by reviewing this content.

Common Anal Issues

When it comes to the field of proctology, there are some issues that are more common. When you have one of the more common issues, it can be easier to be diagnosed, simply because there is a higher probability that your proctologist has seen many, many cases of the issue throughout their career.

Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids are very common. While everyone is at risk of getting them, there are some people who are more prone to them, such as the elderly, pregnant women, or someone who spends a lot of time sitting.

The signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding after a bowel movement, anal itching, anal discomfort, inflammation, and painful bowel movements. Anyone with these symptoms should go to a proctologist before assuming hemorrhoids and rule out other possibilities.

Anal fissures – Anal fissures are also very common in the field of proctology. Anal fissures are tiny tears that are in the moist tissue of the anus. There are different reasons for anal fissures appearing, but one of the most common ways they are caused is by experiencing a very hard bowel movement or a bout of diarrhea. 

The signs and symptoms of an anal fissure include bleeding when you have a bowel movement and experiencing pain when you have a bowel movement. Just as with hemorrhoids, you also want to see a proctologist when you suspect anal fissures before you assume that it is nothing.

Anal abscesses – Another type of problem that many people experience are anal abscesses. These are pockets of infection in the anus or any tissue in that region. Abscesses should always be taken seriously because the infection can spread through the body and even become life-threatening.

Signs and symptoms of an anal abscess is experiencing pain. There may also be the feeling of body aches, lethargy, fever, and a general feeling of not being well. Any concern over whether you have an anal abscess should send you right to the proctologist, so the abscess can be treated immediately.

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