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Hello, my name is Rodney Turner. Welcome to my website about allergies and asthma. As a kid, I could not go through the spring months without suffering from back to back asthma attacks. The asthma attacks usually started when my pollen allergies flared up. As doctors linked these two conditions, I was given medication to better control my attacks and improve my health. On this site, I will explore the link between allergies and asthma, plus talk about the treatments available for both of these conditions. Please feel free to visit my site daily to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to overcome allergies and asthma. Thanks.



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Should I Exercise With Varicose Veins?

When you have varicose veins, you might think that you can't exercise anymore. You may develop varicose veins even if you've taken very good care of yourself and have exercised your whole life. But this isn't true as long as you follow several precautions and know which exercises to perform and which to avoid.

Benefits of Exercise

There are many benefits to exercising if you have varicose veins. You'll have stronger calf muscles and your heart will circulate blood to your veins, which will promote healthier veins. The absolute best way to exercise if you have varicose veins is walking. It is low impact, so it's easy on your veins. Fortunately, you'll only need to walk 30 minutes a day to receive the benefits you're aiming for through walking.

If you're not able to leave your house and you don't have a treadmill, one option is to use a stationary bike. To some extent, stationary bikes are even more low impact than walking. However, it might not be as strenuous as walking.

Questionable Forms of Exercise

Be careful when running. While it may be a great form of exercise, it can also place a lot of strain on your joints if you're grappling with varicose veins. If you would like to run, use a soft surface such as a synthetic track or soft grass. 

Weightlifting can sometimes be a bad choice for those with varicose veins since it can affect circulation and can contribute to the formation of varicose veins. If you do want to lift weights, make sure to use lower weights and to breathe effectively as you lift to minimize the negative effects. 

Exercises You Should Consider Avoiding

When performing yoga, make sure to not hold an abdominal posture for a prolonged period. Avoid sit ups or crunches. These do not help with circulation and can be strenuous, contributing to varicose veins. If you do want to perform these exercises, consider consulting with a physician on whether they'll have a detrimental effect on your varicose veins. 

Seek a Varicose Vein Treatment

If your varicose veins are interfering with your life, there's no reason to allow this to continue. There are many effective varicose vein treatments that can help you get your life back to normal. In the meantime, even if you're struggling to exercise, rocking your foot back and forth to work your calf muscles can help with varicose veins.