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Hello, my name is Rodney Turner. Welcome to my website about allergies and asthma. As a kid, I could not go through the spring months without suffering from back to back asthma attacks. The asthma attacks usually started when my pollen allergies flared up. As doctors linked these two conditions, I was given medication to better control my attacks and improve my health. On this site, I will explore the link between allergies and asthma, plus talk about the treatments available for both of these conditions. Please feel free to visit my site daily to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to overcome allergies and asthma. Thanks.



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Is It Possible to Correct a Crooked Nose Years After It Was Broken?

Broken noses are some of the most common fractures seen in hospitals, but many young and perhaps foolhardy individuals fail to seek adequate treatment after getting hit in the face. If you once reset your nose and let it heal naturally, you may now be living with the consequences of an asymmetrical face and even difficulty breathing. It is possible to set your nose back into alignment and correct any obstructions in your airways, but it will likely require the help of a cosmetic surgeon

Evaluating Your Breathing

Before you can worry about your appearance, your surgeon will likely want to inspect your nose and airways to get a better understanding of how the fracture impacted your breathing. Further reconstruction may be needed to repair the more significant underlying damage known as a deviated septum. Typically, surgeries that also fix a deviated septum may be eligible for coverage under your insurance, as opposed to most standard cosmetic procedures. If, on the other hand, the break was a clean one, you may be able to have your nose realigned through what is essentially a simple rhinoplasty. 

Breaking the Nose Again

The first step of this procedure will be to break your nose all over again, a process known as an osteotomy. This is necessary when the fracture has already healed, locking your nose back into place while it was still crooked, and it is why doctors prefer to treat broken noses shortly after the incident that caused them. Thankfully, this time around you will be under sedation and unable to feel a thing. 

Setting Your Nose Back into Place

Once your nose is broken, your surgeon will carefully begin working on your airways, if necessary, and then your nose itself. It is relatively easy to set the nose straight at this point, realigning it to be more symmetrical in relation to the rest of your face. You may even end up with a straighter nose than you had before it was originally broken!  

Correcting Other Minor Cosmetic Flaws

Before you go in for surgery, you may wish to also discuss other cosmetic changes to your nose while you have the opportunity. If you have never liked your nostrils or a bump on the ridge of your nose, there may never be a better time to have these things taken care of as well. Most past mistakes aren't as plain as the nose on your face, so why should you keep living with such a publicly visible reminder of your own? Call your local reconstructive or cosmetic surgeon's office today for a personal assessment and an in-depth explanation of the options available to you.